How To Brush Dog Teeth?

How To Brush Dog Teeth

Every dog owner loves the warm cuddles their dog gives when they come home from a tiring day at work. On the other hand, when you reach to hug your dog, doesn’t their bad breath make you feel nauseated? If this is the case, then you have to clean your dog’s teeth.

Furthermore, the bad breath can also be a result of something fishy your dog ate. However, when you take a look at this from a medical perspective, bad breath occurs due to unbalanced health. So, what to do in this scenario?

How to brush dog teeth

Is cleaning your dog’s teeth necessary?

This question is pretty much on every dog owner's mind; some only give a rawhide or a dental chew to only clean the teeth. However, dental chew is a good option for your doggy, but only if it is given with full responsibility, but isn’t it healthy to brush your dog’s teeth?

Well, the good news is, dogs aren’t flat to cavities like humans. On the other hand, according to reliable researches, most dogs above 5 suffer from periodontal problems.

What is meant by Periodontal Disease?

Like all other humans, pets can also suffer from periodontal diseases when particles of food get stuck in the teeth. As a result, these stuck particles can cause plaque. In addition to this, plaque releases the production of rigid tartar across the gum line.

If the tartar isn’t removed, it will start to inflame and irritate your pet’s gums, which can lead to tooth decay. This can lead to terrible periodontal problems in your dog.

Furthermore, this situation can cause a lot of pain, abscesses in the mouth, and bacterial irritations that can spread into the blood flow of the liver, brain, heart, or kidneys. Sadly, periodontal disease is not reversible, but you can brush your dog’s teeth regularly to prevent it from happening.

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Steps to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

The best way to keep things cool is to give your dog a treat every time he/she obeys you. In addition to this, brushing your dog’s teeth is the first step. So, here’s how to brush dog teeth.

  1. Pick a Suitable Schedule

The best time for you to brush your dog’s teeth is when he/she is relaxed and easy. Most dog owners ask the question, “how often should I brush my dog’s teeth? Your major goal is to set a routine and brush your dog’s teeth regularly. However, if his/her teeth are healthy, then brushing a week thrice should be fine.

If you don’t obey the schedule, you will destroy your dog’s health with excessive plaque development. In addition to this, it can also lead to severe infections.


  1. Prepare your Tools

Now, this part is a bit tricky as it requires some knowledge. On the other hand, you are a dog owner, and you know what’s best for your doggy, so it shouldn’t be hard. First things first, get a toothbrush with soft and angled bristles. In addition to this, you can use dog teeth cleaning toy to make the process fun. However, finger brushes can also be a reasonable option. After that, get good dog toothpaste as well. There are a lot of dog-friendly toothpaste flavors available in the market, so choose accordingly.

An important thing to keep in mind is never to use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth. Human toothpaste contains human-friendly ingredients that can be harmful to your dog, so be cautious.


  1. Position your Dog

In this step, you must make sure that your dog is put in a comfortable position. Do not hurry the process by grasping your dog and standing above it. Instead, you should try sitting or kneeling in front of your dog. Make sure to eliminate the presence of anxiety in him/her. If he/she becomes sad or scared, stop the process and try again later.


  1. Prepare her Gums

Test the willingness of your dog by touching him/her mouth by rubbing your foreigner along the upper teeth and gums. The main purpose of this whole process is to make your dog feel used to the process. With slight pressure, move back and forth.


  1. Taste the Toothpaste

Apply some dog toothpaste on the tip of your fingers and let your dog taste it. If he/she likes the taste, then move onto the next step.


  1. Test the Toothbrush

When your dog is comfortable with opening his/her mouth, apply the toothpaste on the brush, and start brushing. Lift the upper mouth, and brush from the teeth to the gum line. The angular bristles will massage the gums and eliminate all plaque.


  1. Brush in Circular Motion

Use small circular motions to clean both the upper and lower teeth. However, your dog might suffer from slight bleeding as you move to the gums, and that is okay. Whereas, if the bleeding is extra, visit a vet.


  1. Get rid of the Plaque

While you brush, make sure you hit the areas where a plaque is most present, which is basically on both the upper and lower teeth.


  1. End with a Treat

Once the process is done, reward your furry friend with a treat. When you are done with the first try, don’t stop there, move according to the teeth brushing schedule and perform this procedure regularly to keep your dog’s health good.



So, now you know how to brush your dog’s teeth, and it is your responsibility to perform this procedure every three days a week if your dog’s mouth does not smell much, but if the case is otherwise, do it regularly.

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