Flea Comb For Dog -
Flea Comb For Dog -
Flea Comb For Dog -

Convenient Rake Hair Shedding Flea Comb

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Product Features

  • Nicely Aligned Teeth. This comb features the perfect alignment of teeth, which untangles hair and gets rid of fleas. In addition to this, the teeth flow evenly thoroughly your pet’s coat, resulting in a smooth and shiny coat.
  • Rake Hair Shedding Flea Comb. This flea comb for dogs runs all the way to the scalp and stimulates hair and skin follicles while removing flea and tangles from the way.
  • Relaxing Comb Experience. By using flea combs regularly, you can maintain the bond between you and your pet by maintaining a shiny and glossy coat. Also, your furry friends will enjoy a loving experience and will not resist.
  • Durable Hypoallergenic Steel. The stainless steel teeth are extremely durable and hypoallergenic, as they do not cause any allergies, side effects, or irritation to you and your pet.

Product Description

Looking for a good looking flea comb for dogs and cats?

Look no further, as you’ve hit the jackpot. This convenient Rake Hair shedding flea comb is made from durable material to enhance the coat of your pet by eliminating debris and tangled hair. It works very quickly and removes every bit of dirt particle from your pet’s coat.

The Perfect Size

It is 10” and the perfect size. However, your pets will become curious when you bring it to them, but with every brush, a trustworthy bond will be created between you and your pet.

Need More Reasons to Choose Us?

  • Easy to hold
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • A spa treatment