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Fur Knot Shedding Rake Brush

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Product Features

  • Fur Knot Shedding Rake Brush. This best dog brush for shedding works fine on all types of shedding, short and long-haired cats, dogs, etc.
  • Best Building Material. This comb is built from hardened steel serrated blades that have the ability to tackle tough surfaces efficiently and quickly, while still maintaining the right length of the coat.
  • A Perfect Tool. This de-shedding brush is perfect for removing bits of dirt from your pet’s coat, and don’t worry about it getting stuck anywhere because the steel blades manage to get out easily.
  • A Smooth Operator. Your pet can enjoy a smooth and relaxing massage from this dog shedding brush, and a shinier coat is a real bonus.

Product Description

Annoyed from the ever-growing hair of your pet?

Well, here’s one solution to maintain the hair – the Fur Knot shedding rake brush. This is a reliable tool made of reliable materials to eliminate excessive hair from your pet’s coat and give him/her a beautiful shine in the end.

Comfortable Use

This tool is designed with a powerful yet very comfortable grip, and the anti-slip handle makes it easier to use. The best part is no more wrist strains no matter how long you hold the tool.

Need More Reasons to Choose Us?

  • Available in a nice design and color combination – pink and black
  • Easy to use
  • Safe blades
  • Not just grooms, but relaxes your pet
  • A shiny coat is guaranteed