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Pet Hair Remover Brush -
Pet Hair Remover Brush -

Fur Shedding Brush Comb

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Product Features

  • Ergonomic Comb Design. The comb is made from plastic, which ensures portability and ease of usage. In addition to this, it doesn’t feel heavy at all.
  • Fur Shedding Brush Comb. This is the best pet hair remover comb/brush for your pets because it is painless and comfortable to hold.
  • Purely Risk-Free. Available in a variety of colors, this hair de-shedding brush comb is risk-free and does not involve any struggles while de-shedding.
  • A Silicone Handle. The silicone handle ensures no-slip quality and does not feel sticky after holding the tool for a long time.


Do you want a modern tool for de-shedding your pet’s hair?

Instantly go for the fur shedding or pet hair remover brush comb grooming tool suitable for cats, as it offers the reliable and ergonomic comb design ever. In addition to this, it is made from plastic and does not feel heavy at all while holding for a long time when you’re pet hasn’t been groomed for a long time.

Choices of Colors

The Fur Shedding Brush Comb is available in a variety of cute colors; blue, pink, and grey. Of course, these colors are the most ideal choices when it comes to making pet grooming tools.

Ease of Usage

As mentioned above, the pet hair remover is easy to handle and doesn’t feel heavy at all. While being easy to use, it also provides a soft and relaxing touch to your pets, and that is the most important thing. In addition to this, it doesn’t feel irritating at all.

Model Number: 164
Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic

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