Pet Hair Remover Brush For Clothing Or Furniture -
Pet Hair Remover Brush For Clothing Or Furniture -
Pet Hair Remover Brush For Clothing Or Furniture -

Pet Hair Removal Sticky Brush

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Product Features

  • Pet Hair Remover Sticky Brush. The pet hair remover brush is an indispensable tool for keeping fur off your valuable things. In addition to this, it removes both lint and fur from your furniture without wrecking its surface.
  • Perfect Building Material. This pet hair remover is made from high-quality nylon, which ensures easy handling without tiring your hands.
  • Ease of Use. With just a single glide on your furniture or any other surface where there is fur, you can remove all bits of lint or fur.
  • Hygienic all the way. This pet hair remover for furniture takes lint and far off from your furniture with a single swipe, and it doesn’t affect the hygiene levels of your home.

Product Description

Tire of finding strands of pet hair on your couch.

Of course, we love our little feline babies, but it can often be a daunting task to get all the fur off from your furniture without a special tool. With that being said, the pet hair remover brush for clothing or furniture eliminates all fur or lint from your furniture with just one swipe.

One Rich Color

This pet hair remover brush is available in just one rich color, blue. We consider the color blue to be the ideal choice as it serves the purpose.

Need more reasons to choose us?

  • Portable Design – can be carried anywhere
  • Eliminates every dot of lint or hair from furniture and clothing
  • Suitable for both cat and dog hair