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Hair Trimmer For Pets -
Hair Trimmer For Pets -
Hair Trimmer For Pets -

Rechargeable Low Noise Hair Trimmer

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Product Features

  • Professional Dog Groomer. The hair clipper for dogs from brand CHAOER comes with five types of accessories. 1 – Pet clipper, 2 – a rechargeable battery, 3 – a power cord, 4 – a grooming kit, 5 – a grooming brush.
  • Safe, Jagged Blade. The ceramic blade is sharp enough to be used for a long time. In addition to this, secure design prevents accidental cuttings, yet it is still easy to remove superfluous hair from the skin. The blade can be detached and cleaned easily as well.
  • Good Charge Time. The rechargeable Low Noise Hair Trimmer requires six hours of charging time and it comes with its own power cord, plus it takes only 110-240V.
  • Rechargeable Low Noise Trimmer. As the name implies, the hair clipper for dogs can be recharged and used for a long time, and it is safe and easy to use.

Product Description

Is your current hair trimmer for your dog bothering you in terms of both usage and safety?

Well, don’t sacrifice quality if you want to keep your pet groomed and clean all the time. Get yourself the Rechargeable Low Noise hair clipper for dogs by CHAOER and get the best of safety and long-term usage. It comes with its own accessories, which means you won’t have to buy extra supplies to make it work.

Clean Blade for a Clean Dog

The razor-sharp ceramic blade is sharp enough to cut off excess hair from your dog’s coat, yet it is safe enough not accidentally to cut off any skin.

Tiny Brush to wipe off the Rest

Once you’re done trimming your dog’s hair, you can use the tiny brush to wipe away the rest of the hair from the coat.